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Q: Who is INVOLVD?
A. INVOLVD is a new clothing brand founded to raise awareness about critical social and environmental issues in the United States. In the simplest terms, our goal is to educate and inspire concerned Americans to be, get and stay involved in charitable causes and activities that better the lives of others. INVOLVD’s mission and vision sprang from the minds of entrepreneur and EuroMedia founder, Tim, and his business partner, Kelli.

Q: Who is Euro Media?
A: EuroMedia, a California-based multimedia marketing agency (and consultancy), is our co-founder Tim’s other company. Tim established EuroMedia in 2001 to serve the visual communication needs of a diverse range of clients, which today includes respected global brands such as Experian, Panasonic and Thermo Fisher Scientific, and other notable Fortune 500 companies. Tim’s creativity, strategic insight, and deep knowledge of design and production form the foundation from which he leads INVOLVD’s innovative, socially conscious clothing brand.    


Q: What led INVOLVD to champion social issues?
A:  The Our Story section of this site describes some of the personal challenges and struggles overcome by INVOLVD’s owners, Tim and Kelli. Witnessing the pain and suffering of others, and experiencing dispiriting difficulties firsthand, have given the pair a tender heart for people and a sincere desire to help.

Tim and Kelli feel there is no better time than the present to ‘give something back,’ which today includes raising awareness about issues affecting the U.S., and donating a portion of INVOLVD’s garment sales to frontline assistance organizations.   

Q: Why don’t you support any political causes or parties?
A: The main reason is that INVOLVD is apolitical–that is, we don’t directly support or align with any political group or worldview. In fact, we very much abhor the discord and division sewn by zealous partisans from both sides. Moreover, to stoke their own agendas, we feel that some news outlets often under-report and over-politicize truly important social issues, including homelessness, human trafficking, mental health and the environment. For this reason, we strongly urge people to inform themselves from a variety of independent printed and digital sources. In short: to pursue truth.

Besides providing great products and customer service, INVOLVD’s focus is – and always will be – on doing all we can to alleviate human suffering, serving as a bridge between concerned, compassionate citizens and frontline assistance organizations.

To this end, we have positioned our clothing brand designs as ‘conversation starters,’ aimed at generating public dialog and attention around important issues. We believe that awareness begets empathy, which leads to action, as people become (and stay) personally involved in helping those in need regain their dignity and get back on their feet, an ideal that we believe should always transcend political ideology.


Q: Does INVOLVD sell other clothing besides tee shirts?
A: Not at this time. But we do plan to add other types of high-quality apparel in the near future.
If there’s a particular type of garment you would be interested in, shoot us a quick email and let us know what it is.  

Q: Which retailers sell INVOLVD products?
A: INVOLVD is not currently sold through outside retailers. The only place to purchase our clothing is through our website.

Q: Does INVOLVD offer gift cards?
A: Currently we do not offer gift cards.


Q: How long will it take my order to ship?  
A: We ship most orders within two business days after receipt of payment. If your order fails to arrive by the promised date, please promptly contact our Customer Care Department.

Q: How do I know what size I am?
A: To get a precise and comfortable fit, please refer to our convenient sizing guide on each of the products before ordering.  

Q: Can I call INVOLVD directly to place an order
A: The only way to purchase our clothing is through our online website.

Q: My package may have been lost or stolen. What should I do?
A: When your order ships, you will receive a link which allows you to track your order’s progress using the courier’s online updates (USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). They, not INVOLVD, are responsible for lost, stolen, unclaimed or damaged packages. So, if your order fails to arrive when you expect it, or you have reason to suspect package theft, contact the courier right away.

Returns, Exchanges, Warranty  

Q: My tee shirt may have arrived with a manufacturing defect. What is your warranty?
A: INVOLVD strives to deliver the highest quality garments and customer satisfaction. Even with our strict quality control, rare manufacturing defects may occur. If this happens, contact us and we will address your concern. 

Q: What is your return and exchange policy?
A:  All sales of INVOLVD garments are final and shipping costs are non-refundable. However, if you change your mind about a purchase, we will accept a return, providing conditions described here are explicitly met. We follow this policy closely, so please take time to read it and contact us if you have any questions.


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