Navigating Grit in Homelessness Advocacy_B and W Photo of Homeless Youth Asleep on Ground with Skateboard next to his feet.

Navigating Grit in Homelessness Advocacy

Kelli Smithgall

Yes, we understand there's no magic wand to completely end homelessness, but what are we doing as humanity that we all wouldn't want to try – to lessen, to raise awareness, and to end stigmas around the causes of homelessness? And speaking of trying, let me take you into the world of homelessness advocacy. It's a delicate balance with burnout and compassion fatigue. Picture dealing with the tough stuff pretty much every day, facing the nonsensical, and feeling that subtle drain on our spirit. Especially when politics, government systems, and stigma are in the mix, it often feels like an uphill battle.

Yet, we're still here, pushing, and advocating. It's a rollercoaster, but you, our allies, can really make an impact, helping us face the challenges and keep our spirits up. In this journey, those moments of reflection and whispered affirmations? They're not a sign of vulnerability; they're like our lifelines in the chaos. So, nudge us towards mindfulness lend an ear, and give a shout-out for the small victories we're celebrating.

Share our stories, let everyone know that homelessness is more than a cold statistic – it's a real humanitarian crisis. Let's get our collective voice out there, cut through the indifference, and spark some action.

And hey, whether it's pitching in with fundraising, tackling some admin tasks, or getting hands-on with outreach – every bit you do is valuable.


By Kelli Smithgall

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