Social Awareness Clothing Brand Founded by Advocates

From months of pre-launch research, we identified many community and national   grassroots, and individuals -- devoting time,  resources, and energy to addressing America's socio-economic and environmental challenges. It was time for us to make an impact -- We launched in the middle of an election month & year, November 2020, against a backdrop of a global pandemic, unprecedented environmental disasters, civil unrest, and economic hardship for many people and whole communities across the United States. We are compelled to bring like-minded people together, to explore perspectives, inspire conversations, pursue truth and inner growth, and above all encourage social awareness through our premium clothing and hats which have simple, yet thought provoking messaging and designs. 15% of your purchases are donated to community and national organizations to help raise awareness about Mental Heath, Homelessness, and our Planet.

Meet The Team

Our dedicated team, have either personally experienced or know a family member or friend who lives with mental health issues, mental illness, or has experienced homelessness. This personal connection drives our tireless commitment to help encourage awareness and to bring positive change, and we each have a key role at Involvd®.  We hope through our daily efforts, energy, and belief in what we are doing, that the message we are promoting  will inspire you to wear one of our garments, raise awareness, and in turn inspire others.

  • Kelli Smithgall


  • Tim Garth


  • Paige Smithgall

    Co-Founder/Creative Director

  • Christina Sladek

    Co-Founder/Creative/Brand Ambassador

  • Garret Smithgall

    Marketing Budget Consultant/Brand Ambassador

  • Ryan Smithgall


  • Madyson Gahagan

    Creative/Brand Ambassador

BeGetStay Involvd®

Together, we can Explore Perspectives, Identify Solutions, Inspire Conversations, and Encourage Involvement. 15% of each purchase is donated to relevant and impactful organizations.

For partnership or collaboration, please send an email to, a message via our Contact Page, or click on the button below:

  • NAMI Orange County provides no-cost programs, virtual events, educational meetings, support groups and advocacy for families, teens and individuals living with a mental health diagnosis.

  • Mental Health Action Day is to encourage and empower people to take their first steps towards mental health action -- whether for themselves, for their loved ones or to advocate for systemic changes, because mental health is health. 

  • Imagine LA prevents first-time and repeat homelessness and equips families to maintain housing stability and thrive long-term.