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"From months of pre-launch research, we identified many community and national grassroots, and individuals -- devoting time, resources, and energy to addressing America's socio-economic and environmental challenges. We launched in the middle of an election month & year, November 2020, against a backdrop of a global pandemic, unprecedented environmental disasters, civil unrest, and economic hardship for many people and whole communities across the US. For us, it seemed like the perfect time to launch the Involvd® brand. We were compelled to bring like-minded people together, start conversations, pursue truth, and above all encourage and inspire social awareness. Our quality brand of clothing and hats use simple, yet thought provoking messaging, while remaining apolitical. Like us, we want the wearer to proudly show their support, while we donate a portion of every purchase to community and national organizations, to help raise awareness about Mental Heath & Mental Illness, Homelessness, and the devastating effects of Climate Change."
From Co-Founder, Tim Garth
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Our dedicated team of five, have either personally experienced or know a family member or friend who lives with mental health issues, mental illness, or has experienced homelessness. This personal connection drives our tireless commitment to help encourage awareness and to bring positive change, and we each have a key role at Involvd®.  We hope through our daily efforts, energy, and belief in what we are doing , that the message we are promoting  will inspire you to wear one of our garments, raise awareness, and in turn inspire others.

Victor Ko

Kelli Smithgall


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K.a Joben

Tim Garth


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Richard Bauer

Paige Smithgall

Co-Owner/Creative Director

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Marin Julia

Christina Sladek

Co-Owner/Brand Ambassador

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Garret Smithgall

Garret Smithgall

Marketing Budgeting & Planning Manager

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One of our primary goals is to connect concerned citizens with causes they care about and want to be involved with. To that end, we introduce and describe important social issues here on our site and provide links to US-based organizations that actively address those concerns. 



Starting with our INVOLVD® line of high-quality t-shirts, we want to generate awareness and conversations around a particular social issue through simple, yet thought-provoking messages printed on the garment. The idea relies on enigmatic phrases and statistics to arouse curiosity and invite questions, giving t-shirt owners a chance to share their thoughts, feelings, and passion for a cause or issue.



Because we share our customers’ concerns for important social and environmental causes, we Donate a Portion of every sale to community & national organizations in the fight against Mental Health, Homelessness, and  Environmental Concerns, and other social justice issues.


To establish a premium clothing brand that promotes awareness, empathy and individual involvement in solving some of America’s most distressing social issues, with an emphasis on mental health as many social issues stem from it.


We envision a world where people get passionately and personally involved in improving the health, happiness and well-being of all people, and protecting the environment.

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